About us

We are Soteria Radar, a Pittsburgh-based startup developing hardware which interacts with varying autonomous and traditional vehicle systems to provide informational inputs and enhance system effectiveness. We are creating the next generation of intelligent infrastructure and safety devices to ensure stakeholders from cyclists to passengers are out of harm’s way.

Our Team

Clayton Edwards

A 2019 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Public Policy and Management program with an obsession for autonomous vehicles and barriers to their implementation. Through his independent studies and coursework concentrated in entrepreneurship and strategy development this project to aid the adoption of new trends in mobility and smart cities began.

Leif Uhlman

A current student of Duquesne University's Physics program and the University of Pittsburgh's Mechanical Engineering program graduating in December 2019. He has a passion for mechanical design and mechatronics, developing his skillset through projects and work experience. He has utilized artificial intelligence for object detection automating video inspection lines and is excited to be developing hardware which will aid vehicle operation and improve safety.

Join us

We are actively searching to add a passionate third cofounder to our team with a background in electrical engineering and embedded systems.

If you would like to be considered please reach out to clayton@soteriaradar.com for more information, include a resume.